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Honoring special men and women in our community that have made a lasting impact, Since its inception in 2013, Legacies of Love has highlighted those that have made our community great.


Past Honorees Include
2013 - Kevin McDonald, Lynette Vermillion
2014 - Cory Pool, Dr. Michael Jordan
2015 - George Albright, Ron and Phyllis Ewers
2016 - Toni James, Jim Kirk
2017 - Dr Hank Harrell, Jr., Fran and Naida Rasbury
2018 - Beth McCall, Gail Cross
2019 - Frank DeLuca, Mary Britt, Dr Norm Anderson
2020 - Jeffrey and Clover Lovell

2023 - Whit Palmer,  Carlyle Ausley, Toro Townley, Doug Oswald &  Nick Nikkinen

The 2024 Legacies of Love event will be held February 14, 2024, more details coming soon!

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